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ELEMENT OF GLAM crafts outstanding accessories, which are both glamorous and edgy.


The design is inspired by the personal style and aesthetics of the designer - minimalism, dominance of black, edgy rock chic.


I usually wear head to toe black, yet complement my outfits with outstanding accessories.

As I don’t wear colors, finding outstanding pieces, which are not colorful, was very difficult – also I love edgy glam pieces.


That was my motivation to design my own accessories that was my motivation to start ELEMENT OF GLAM.

My own luxury, designing only what I would love to wear.

--- Gerda Lerchner, founder & designer



About the Designer

The designer, Gerda Lerchner, grew up in Salzburg, Austria. She is working since more than 13 years in the Beauty/ Retail industry, creating and developing brands, products and retail innovations, holding various leading positions in Fortune 100/500 companies.

After several years in Europe she decided to move to Asia in 2010. Most of her time she was living and working in Shanghai, with also stops in Bangkok and regular visits to Austria, while traveling the world in her free time.


She is influenced by the trends and culture of her new home in Asia and her European roots.


Creating clothes and accessories is her passion for years and finally resulted in creating her own brand ELEMENT OF GLAM.



First collection, LINEAR crossbody clutches

“I wanted to create a clutch, which looks outstanding with every outfit, independent if I am going to a formal dinner or to a rock concert. Easy to wear, easy to carry on when traveling and fitting all my essentials – while never compromising its look and always adding a tough of glam to every style”, so the inspiration of the designer. 


Second collection, everyday statement earrings

To complete your style ELEMENT OF GLAM expanded into earrings. Glamorous 23k gold & black wood earrings, lightweight, made in Austria.

“Often statement earrings look nice, but are over time uncomfortable to wear. My ambition was to create everyday statement pieces, so light that you don’t even feel those when wearing. Each earring does not weight more than a pearl stud”


selected by ELEMENT OF GLAM

I range which combines two passions – traveling & designs. A selection of earrings which is found during traveling in Asia. Those accessories are selected by ELEMENT OF GLAM and follow the same design principles being minimalist tough outstanding.

Gerda Lerchner Founder ELEMENT OF GLAM minimalist accessories
Gerda Lerchner Founder ELEMENT OF GLAM minimalist accessories
Gerda Lerchner Founder ELEMENT OF GLAM minimalist accessories
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