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Handmade in Austria by ELEMENT OF GLAM 014  IMG_1881_edited.jpg

Our Craftmanship

Enough with uncomfortable earrings! Our philosophy with the right accessories every outfit can look amazing, without pain, but highest comfort.


We hand-craft our products combining traditional and modern techniques. What makes them unique: Size of a statement earrings, but light as a stud – so you can wear them all day, every day.


Learn more about what makes ELEMENT OF GLAM jewelry unique below...

Handmade in Austria by ELEMENT OF GLAM 001 IMG_1695_edited_edited.jpg


Amazingly light

A +100 years old technique is gluing thin layers of wood crosswise, at a 90 ° angle together, is used for its durability and lightweight. The laser cutting allows high precision for delicate, geometric designs, unique for ELEMENT OF GLAM’s minimalist style.


You like it glamorous

Step by step to a unique product: Clean, apply the gilding milk, wait 1 hour, apply the 23k gold and sweeping off excess material. The vintage effect comes from the wood structure, that shines through the gold and makes every piece unique.

Handmade in Austria by ELEMENT OF GLAM 004 IMG_1722.jpeg
Handmade in Austria by ELEMENT OF GLAM 009 IMG_1795.jpeg


Our final touch

When the gilded and glazed pieces are completely dried, we attach the hanger. Adjusted manually for every single piece for your greatest comfort wearing them.


Ready to send to you

Our packaging is all glammed up, too! Each pair comes with a branded dust bag which is ideal for storage and protection.Now it’s time for the final quality check.

Handmade in Austria by ELEMENT OF GLAM 027_IMG_4418.jpeg
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